L.&D.M.R. HO Scale Modular Layout


Name of Layout

L.&.D.M.R. of Victoria County


HO 1:87

Size of our layout

24′ by 12′


With some poetic licence for operational convenience, we are depicting areas within the City of Kawartha Lakes (formerly Victoria County) Ontario. Coboconk, Mariposa, and the Lindsay Durham Street station, along with other local geographical features of interest are being modeled.


City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada


Transition, late steam, early diesels

Layout Style

Double mainline track and branch line track

Length of Mainline Run

About 50′ on the 19 by 12 layout

Minimum Curve on Main line

36″ ?


plaster, foam,


hardboard painted light blue

Bench work

modules: straight 48″ by 30″, corners ?


DCC MRC Prodigy Wireless and analog D.C.


The basic idea (and member consensus formed) behind the new HO layout was that the old permanent layout and the old portable layouts were falling into disrepair and were developing numerous problems. Since we couldn’t afford both we decided that we would build a travelling/portable layout to a very high standard and it would also be the permanent layout. This gave us two advantages, cost cutting and the ability to work on the layout constantly as it would always be set up and operating there by allowing us to make improvements the moment a problem was discovered.  There was also a consensus formed that rather than do another imaginary setting we would try to replicate the scenery of our home territory in keeping with our constitutional aims and objectives.

Layout Standards

Our “Standards” for the new HO layout are still being written and tested as we go. This method will combine the theoretical with the practical and should provide us with an actual working model and standard that can serve as an example for others to follow.